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TripleNine Mauritanie SARL

TripleNine Mauritanie Sarl is a company which buys, processes and sells high quality fish meal, supplied by selected manufacturers in the local area.
The products are primarily sold in Europe and Asia. The company is located in Mauretania and has about 10 employees.


  • 2011: TripleNine Fish Protein starts selling fish meal from Mauretania.
  • 2012: In order to get closer to the company’s suppliers and expand sales, a 2250 m2 warehouse is rented in Nouadhibou and TripleNine Mauritanie Sarl is established.
  • 2013: TripleNine Mauritanie Sarl sets up processing equipment in its warehouse in Nouadhibou for processing and quality assurance of fish meal. The company is part of TripleNine Group A/S.


  • Annual handling: 30,000 tonnes of fish meal