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TripleNine Group CEO & CFO

 Jes Bjerregaard

Jes Bjerregaard
Chief Executive Officer

Tel: +45 79 120 904
Mobile: +45 21 704 696
Fax: +45 79 120 888
E-mail: jb@999.dk
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Jes Bjerregaard joined as Group CEO June 2016. Before joining the TripleNine Group, Mr. Bjerregaard was CEO for 4.5 years with Danpo A/S - a leading company within the chicken industry.

Prior to this, he has held positions as CEO/Director of various companies within the food industry. He has also been a board member of several companies.

Mr. Bjerregaard holds a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration from CBS, Denmark.




Poul Lund Mikkelsen

Chief Financial Officer

Tel: +45 79 120 900
Mobile: +45 20 248 572
Fax: +45 79 120 888

E-mail: plm@999.dk

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Poul Lund Mikkelsen entered the fish meal and fish oil industry in May 2013.
Before joining the TripleNine Group, Mr Mikkelsen was CFO for 3.5 years in a group of companies within the European pet food industry.

Prior to this, he had been taking up positions as CFO of companies within the building components industry in Northern Europe for 18 years.

Mr. Mikkelsen holds a MSc in Economics and Business Administration from Aarhus University, Denmark.