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13. October 2016

New Norwegian Main Shareholder in Triple Fish A/S

Koppernæs AS increased their engagement in one of Europe's largest producers of fish meal and fish oil, TripleNine Group A/S, by taking over 63% of...

31. March 2016

New Chairman at TripleNine Group

Harald Røkenes has been chairman of the board, since TripleNine Group was formed through a merger of TripleNine and Koppernæs in 2013. Harald Røken...

24. February 2016

New CEO at TripleNine Group A/S

The Board of Directors of TripleNine Group, Esbjerg, has appointed Jes Bjerregaard new group CEO.

Jes Bjerregaard is 57 years old and was p...

10. April 2015

New CEO - TripleNine Group A/S

The Board of Directors at the marine ingredients company TripleNine Group A/S in Esbjerg has selected Jørgen Horntvedt as the company’s interim CEO...

11. March 2015

South Africa sees opportunities for growth

TripleNine Fish Protein South Africa can look back at 2014 as a year in which fishing was marked by a great deal of stability ...

06. February 2015

A tremendous result for 2014

A tremendous result for 2014 creates optimism and leaves positive after-effects.

Christian Bisgaard, CEO of the Tr...

13. January 2015

Christian Bisgaard will be resigning

Christian Bisgaard, Group Chief Executive Officer, will be resigning from his position with TripleNine Group A/S...

05. December 2014

New CEO at TripleNine A/S

Peter Jensen will assume the post of CEO at TripleNine A/S with effect from 1 March 2015, but he has already been responsible for the purchase of c...

15. October 2013

Appointment of R&D Manager in the TripleNine Group A/S

In order to optimise research and development in the TripleNine Group A/S, Ola Flesland has been appointed as the group’s R&D manager and repor...

30. August 2013

TripleNine Group is formally established

On the 28th of August the merger between the fish meal and oil producers TripleNine (Denmark) and Vedde (Norway) was signed, and the merged company...

Entire Koppernæs Management Visited TripleNine

4th. of June 2013

This June, when the TripleNine Group A/S becomes a fact of life, it is the result of a merger between TripleNine A/S and ...

Vedde Merger Is Fact of Life Per Early June

4th of June 2013
At the annual general meeting on May 11, the TripleNine Holding A/S shareholders and all represented votes (70%) decided to m...